Digital Media
The landscape for media has changed over the last couple of years where digital media is catching up as a medium for disseminating communications and messaging.  With over 4 million people now on Facebook in Nigeria alone, for example, there is a wider reach to cascade communications to a larger group of existing and potential customers.

We believe strongly that the viral nature of digital bodes well for brands and other establishments as it allows for expedient searches to be conducted on companies and other institutions.  These messages spur engagement with the brand.  Our solution encapsulates quantifiable metrics that allows the customer to gauge behavioral patterns of its target audience and gives the customer an insight into innovation and product development cycles.  We provide the following services:

Our experts develop comprehensive communications strategies for clients that include:
  • Content Gap Analysis and Assessment of existing web-based programs, such as web sites and blogs
  • Engagement of digital influencers (this includes the engagement of developers and writers that generate User Generated Content)
  • Measuring, analyzing and adjusting digital strategy based upon direct audience feedback
  • Development of online communities
  • Monitoring of online forums on behalf of the client
  • Integrated communication solutions (traditional and digital)
  • Content Development
  • Promotion Conceptualization via online media
  • Web analytics for analyzing traffic and visitor behaviors
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
The various digital tools such as blogs, podcasts, and microsites now enable companies to extend and enhance their communications programs through two-way communication with internal and external audiences. Our approach enables clients to leverage digital communications to achieve real-world business goals. Whether it’s enhancing brand reputation, building employee support or responding to customers’ concerns, ThinkSmart Global helps companies harness the power of digital communications alongside their traditional programs.

ThinkSmart Global works with the client to ensure that their unique positioning is communicated effectively and consistently through these digital channels. Whether a client needs an overall strategy, a response to an immediate crisis or management of an existing program, we possess the team depth and experience to anticipate and meet your digital requirements.

We are attuned to the latest developments in the digital media space and are constantly recommending new tactics to our crop of customers for deployment.